Do it yourself
fewer aches and pains


Testing and resetting disturbances,
everybody can learn it.

Do it yourself,
fewer aches and pains!

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Quantum-Allergy is a method with which you can test for allergies, intolerance and other disturbances and reset your body for them, so to get rid of pains and aches. Every organ and every cell has its own unique vibration also called natural frequency, measurable in, among others, Hertz. The exchange of information between the organ and the environment, between the organs and all body systems, the nutrition we offer our body, determines, among other things, how the body functions and whether or not there are physical and emotional complaints.


Quantum-Allergy Level 1
  • Find and reset allergy,
    food, inhalation, …
  • Duration: 1 day
    Prerequisite: QT1
Quantum-Allergy Level 2
  • Reset trauma, emotion,
    movements, sounds, relationships
  • Duration: 1 day
    Prerequisite: QA1


Quantum-Allergy ebook

Reviews after the workshop

Quantum-Touch Workshop

I did not expect this. Really amazing. At home busy with: detergents, make-up, and stuff. Just do it. By indicating that sound is an allergy, I came to the workshop. There is so much to deal with: incredible. Dear Yolande and Linda, thank you for your enthusiasm, sobriety and humor. Two feet on the ground and go. Delicious ... More reviews Quantum-Allergy

Quantum-Touch Workshops

Much easier than expected. Well applicable and now practice for myself and see what happens. I have no more irritation to my neighbor, from a grade 9 to a 0, my perfume allergy is gone 9-0. We followed the workshops with great pleasure. Yolande and Linda do this with so much fun and pleasure. They make the workshops light and easy to follow. My compliments!… More reviews Quantum-Allergy

What do you learn in the workshop?

Jasper, Koda en Jeff Quantum-Touch
  • What is Quantum-Allergy?
  • What are disturbances, allergy en intolerances?
  • How do you test what your complaints are caused by?
  • How do you reset disturbances, allergies and intolerance, so that your symptoms disappear?
  • A lot of experience stories to learn from.
  • How can you easily adjust your lifestyle?
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Who can attend the workshop?

  • everyone, parents, informal caregivers, caretakers, teachers, remedial teachers, internal supervisors
  • dietitians, orthomolecular nutritionists, naturopaths, kinesiologists, acupuncturists
  • doctors, practice assistants, nurses, pharmacists, chemists, health food stores, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors
  • beauticians, massage therapists, hairdressers
Jasper, Koda en Jeff Quantum-Touch

For which complaints?

Jasper, Koda en Jeff Quantum-Touch
  • hay fever, asthma, eczema, rheumatism
  • allergy to cow's milk, nuts, nickel, eggs, crustaceans and shellfish, soy, wheat
  • everyday complaints, such as ear pain, back pain, headaches and abdominal pain
  • acute and chronic complaints with seemingly unknown cause, such as itching, colds, high blood pressure, fatigue
  • hypersensitivity to sounds, other people, WIFI, suffering from seasickness, traumas
  • and much more!
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What can you do with Quantum-Allergy?

  • Your hypersensitivity to cats: will soon be a thing of the past, after resetting your allergy for your cat.
  • Waking up snotty every morning: you're going to do something about that now, for example by resetting house dust mites.
  • Hay fever? Simple, you already know that it comes through pollen or grasses, so you do not have to bother after resetting!
  • Headache, migraine: test out where it is caused by and reset it. Without these complaints your life is a lot better.
  • You no longer have to walk around with your chronic abdominal complaints, which is said to be "that you have to learn to live with it". Test your food, reset what you encounter, adjust your lifestyle and enjoy your food again!
  • Travel sickness, fear of flying, quarreling with colleagues, "allergy" for your mother-in-law or your boss, fears, traumas, obstructing convictions, phobias, over-sensitivity to sound, take it all on.
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QTouch Trainingen

QTouch Trainingen

Drs. Linda Menkhorst MCM and Yolande van Rosmalen have come to the conclusion that the practical experience and the research work is extremely effective when everyone learns to treat themselves in the most effective way. They have therefore developed Quantum-Allergy and have been teaching Quantum-Allergy since 2007.

  • Creators Quantum-Allergy and Quantum-Share
  • First Dutch Quantum-Touch Instructors
  • Many years of experience with allergy treatments
  • A lot of personal guidance during and after the workshop
  • Authors of the Quantum-Allergy ebook
  • Authors of the Dutch Quantum-Touch booklet
  • Fun, passion, knowledge, experience and humor
  • CRKBO certified training institute
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By following our workshops, you as a practitioner can expand your knowledge or become a QA practitioner. Here you can find practitioners who use our methods passionately.

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You will find the persons who have a practice and are Quantum-Coach on the extensive overview. A Quantum-Coach helps you at the Quantum level "where thoughts become matter" to change, where you want to change. This can be in the area of health, nutrition, wellbeing or personal development. On the list you will also find Quantum-Allergy and Quantum-Touch practitioners.

You can find more information on the practitioners website. We advise you to call a practitioner, discuss the possibilities and then make your choice which practitioner can best guide you in your wish. If you want to become a practitioner, click on training.