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Quantum-Allergy eBook

The Quantum-Allergy ebook is now available!

We are so delighted that with the help of Everett and Trudy Baker we were able to translate our successful Dutch book into English. It was a major job with a great result! Now we are able to fulfill all requests for the English version of the Quantum-Allergy ebook.

Quantum-Allergy Boek en eBook

The Quantum-Allergy ebook

In this book the authors are taking you along on an incredible journey:

  • full of new insights and perspectives
  • with information about everything to do with disturbances in your balance
  • namely, allergies, over sensitivities, irritations, bodily and emotional issues

What to discover

  • What all is there for you to discover in this book?
  • What disturbances have to do with allergies and over sensitivity
  • What vibrations have to do with your overall balance
  • Which disturbances upset your balance in your daily life
  • How disturbances arise and how to identify them
  • How you yourself can test for your own disturbances
  • How you can erase disturbances by resetting
  • How you can use this method on a daily basis
  • How you can choose a lifestyle of your choice after resetting
  • How you can readily help others the same way
  • How to experience the power of Quantum-Allergy in your daily life.
  • What other people experience using Quantum-Allergy

Quantum Allergy is for everyone!

"Quantum-Allergy should actually be available to everyone, it has become an indispensable part of my life: a little bit problems with my stomach: just test and reset it. A bit of a cold, test and reset."

"Little eczema, an allergic reaction to lemonade, not being able to sleep from an event, spider phobia, a hormonal colleague and so I can name dozens of other things." Maaike, Quantum-Allergy workshop student

Can I read this ebook on my computer or tablet?

Yes, you can read this ebook (pdf) on your PC, your Mac, your tablet, your iPad, your smartphone or your iPhone. The ebook consists of 200 full color pages. We are able to update the ebook easily because it's an ebook. For iPad and Mac users we have a special surprise.

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Limited time offer!

  • Quantum-Allergy ebook 60 USD 50 USD
  • BONUS: free access to the (closed) Facebook Group: Quantum-Allergy, with support from Yolande and Linda and other students.

With love, Linda Menkhorst and Yolande van Rosmalen