QTouch Trainingen

first instructors in the Netherlands


Quantum-Touch Level 1
  • Healing with your hands
    everybody can learn it in 2 days
  • Duration: 2 days
    Prerequisite: none
Quantum-Touch Level 2
  • Healing with your heart
    The New Human
  • Duration: 2 days
    Prerequisite: QT1
Self Created Health
  • Find emotional cause
    Solve it safely
  • Duration: 2 days
    Prerequisite: none
Quantum-Allergy Level 1
  • Find and reset allergy,
    food, inhalation, ...
  • Duration: 1 day
    Prerequisite: QT1
Quantum-Allergy Level 2
  • Reset trauma, emotion,
    movement, sounds, relations
  • Duration: 1 day
    Prerequisite: QA1
  • Reset out-of-the-box
    with inspirational mindmaps
  • Duration: 1 day
    Prerequisite: QA2
Work days
  • Thematic 
    work days
  • Duration: 1 day
    Prerequisite: QA1+2
  • Helping each other with your hands
    Only for kids 6-12 years
  • Duration: 1 afternoon
    Prerequisite: none
  • Working with energy
    and animals
  • Duration: 1 afternoon
    Prerequisite: QT1


Quantum-Touch WorkshopsQTouch in the U.S.
Quantum-Allergy Workshop

We're looking forward to it! In April 2018, Yolande and Linda will go to Virginia, USA, Washington D.C. area, to teach our Quantum-Allergy Workshop. There has been for a long time interest from the U.S. and Canada for our follow-up workshop on Quantum-Touch Level 1. Now it's really going to happen. 2 days we will teach our American colleagues to test and reset allergies and intolerances. Here we come!

QT BelevingsmiddagHealing Party
in the Netherlands

On Saturday, March 24, we had a wonderful day at the Trefpunt in Heiloo. In the morning a Healing Party with our students and in the afternoon an Experience afternoon with a lecture and a fair with free Quantum-Touch treatments for interested parties. A lot of happy faces and nice results. Click here for an impression.

KTNOAccreditation extended for 3 years
for various professional associations

Trainers who have participated in KTNO free of complaints for more than 3 years have been given the opportunity to record their accreditations for a period of 3 years. With the advantage that it provides more security for course participants. We have made use of this. So if you are a member of the LVNG, BATC, VBAG or NVST, come and follow your training course with us.

Symposium 10 jaar QTouchReport 10th anniversary
QTouch Symposium

We have had a great party, 10 years of QTouch Training. With beautiful presentations by Marja de Vries (the Whole Elephant in the Picture) and Karin van Baelen (German New Medicine) and Alma Baaij (Mindfulness Yoga). What a wonderful day, what a special people, what a top team and what a fantastic stands. Our new concept Quantum-Coach and the new working days were very well received.

Quantum-Touch NederlandQuantum-Touch

Over the past 12 years, thousands of students have followed our workshops. And Quantum-Touch has become well known in the Netherlands and Belgium! Super proud, now officially: Quantum-Touch, Netherlands. As Quantum-Touch, the Netherlands, Yolande and Linda support students, practitioners and trainers from all over the world in Dutch.


Quantum-Allergy ebook

Reactions after the workshop

First of all, thank you for the two wonderful days that I was allowed to spend with you. You are really giddy ... These two days were over before you knew it ... You give the course with a lot of enthusiasm and also the humor you put into it I personally find very important. You can give the same subject in an academic way, or you can put a lot of lightness into it, making it easily digestible for everyone: you have succeeded in this. More reactions Quantum-Touch Level 1

I have learned more about myself and that pains or illnesses can come from a completely different angle. I have another option to help other people and myself. Thank you for the gift. The violent trauma that has blocked my life and my body for thirty years has been completely transformed after this whole process. I finally feel in balance and so energetic! I did not think that such a simple process would bring me so much! Why chronically sick? I feel better! … More reactions Self Created Health

Quantum-Touch Workshop

I thought it was a super workshop. I sleep better now, and I think a lot had happened in my brain, because my head was so full of everything. Everything is well explained. We have practiced a lot to put everything into practice. After QT L1 and Quantum-Allergy, QT II was an eye opener. But I thought that we also had such a nice group of like-minded people. I felt like a fish in the water… More reactions Quantum-Touch Level 2

Quantum-Touch Workshops

Much easier than expected. Well applicable and now practice for myself and see what happens. I have no more irritation to my neighbor from a 9 to a 0, my perfume allergy is gone 9-0. We followed the workshops with great pleasure. Yolande and Linda do this with so much fun and pleasure. They make the workshops light and easy to follow. My compliments!… Meer reacties Quantum-Allergy


Alma uses Quantum-Touch in her work as a yoga teacher, has a Quantum-Touch practice and treats her own autistic son. She talks about her first results in her son's autism.

Rien, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and osteopath talks about his experiences with treating disabled children with scoliosis and with the pain clinic in a hospice in Poland.

What does Quantum-Touch do?

Jasper, Koda en Jeff Quantum-Touch
  • accelerates healing process
  • misalignments are aligned
  • helps with back problems, including scoliosis
  • strengthens and protects your own energy
  • inflammations heal faster
  • after trauma / accident / fractures
  • relaxation and sleep improvement
  • in short, with all complaints
More about Quantum-Touch ...

Who are the workshops suitable for?

  • for those who want to take good care of themselves
  • for those who have physical or emotional complaints
  • for those who want to do something extra for the health of their children or pets
  • obviously for teachers, nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, Qi gong teachers
  • all other practitioners in alternative / regular therapies

QTouch Trainingen

QTouch Trainingen

Drs. Linda Menkhorst MCM and Yolande van Rosmalen have come to the conclusion that the practical experience and the research work is extremely effective when everyone learns to treat themselves in the most effective way. They have therefore developed Quantum-Allergy and have been teaching Quantum-Allergy since 2007.

  • Creators Quantum-Allergy and Quantum-Share
  • First Dutch Quantum-Touch Instructors
  • Many years of experience with allergy treatments
  • A lot of personal guidance during and after the workshop
  • Authors of the Quantum-Allergy ebook
  • Authors of the Dutch Quantum-Touch booklet
  • Fun, passion, knowledge, experience and humor
  • CRKBO certified training institute
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By following our workshops, you as a practitioner can expand your knowledge or become a QA practitioner. Here you can find practitioners who use our methods passionately.

TherapeutenMore about training ...
Find a practitioner ...

You will find the persons who have a practice and are Quantum-Coach on the extensive overview. A Quantum-Coach helps you at the Quantum level "where thoughts become matter" to change, where you want to change. This can be in the area of health, nutrition, wellbeing or personal development. On the list you will also find Quantum-Allergy and Quantum-Touch practitioners.

You can find more information on the practitioners website. We advise you to call a practitioner, discuss the possibilities and then make your choice which practitioner can best guide you in your wish. If you want to become a practitioner, click on training.